PNC/R to step up extra-parliamentary action for good governance
- Corbin
Stabroek News
March 31, 2002

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Chairman of the PNC/R, Robert Corbin, has declared that the party would be forced to step up its extra-parliamentary activities and bring pressure to bear to ensure good governance for the people of Guyana.

"We have to report that there has not been any improvement in the situation nor any signal that the PPP/Civic is willing to implement the outstanding constitutional and parliamentary reforms," Corbin told reporters at a press conference hosted by the PNC/R on Thursday at Congress Place.

The party had signalled its intention to demonstrate its unhappiness with the dialogue process between President Bharrat Jagdeo and PNC/R leader Desmond Hoyte by acts of protest in the National Assembly and the cessation of the dialogue. The PNC/R parliamentarians walked out of parliament during the reading of the 2002 budget.

"It does appear that rather than showing a willingness to reach an accommodation, the PPP/C is now bent on justifying its actions and further delaying the implementation process," Corbin said.

He listed some of the concerns that the party wanted resolved before the contemplation of any return to normality.

They are:

* The implementation of the constitutional and parliamentary reforms, including the establishment of the Parliamentary Management Committee.

* The submission of the policy paper on the distribution of land and house lots to the National Assembly.

* The honouring of undertakings for negotiations on the future of the bauxite industry, starting with the Cambior proposals for the control of the Linden Mining Enterprise.

* Completion of the appointment of PNC/R nominees to state boards, commissions, and committees.

* The implementation of agreements reached in the joint committees as well as their recommendations.

Corbin stated that in keeping with its responsibilities to the Guyanese people, the PNC/R has implemented a media programme to inform the public of its position on the 2002 budget.

He said this has started with a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday where the gathering was addressed by Hoyte.

"This work will continue as we take parliament to the peopleY," he stated.

Touching on the 2002 census, Corbin said it appeared that government was bent on proceeding with the activity by stealth.

According to him, there has been no transparent public communication on the conduct of the census.

Corbin said his party was aware of certain activities being undertaken by the PPP/C and government operatives. He said that government had not yet taken steps to appoint the PNC/R nominee to the board of the Bureau of Statistics.

"This only confirms our suspicions that the government is up to no good and that it intends to use this means to cover up its dirty work in the enumeration of citizens," he said.

Corbin declared that the PNC/R would not stand idly by to allow "administrative lawlessness" and "deception" of the Guyanese people to continue.