Emergency team battling overtopping at Leguan
Stabroek News
February 28, 2002

Residents of Phoenix and Henrietta on the island of Leguan, Essequibo River, are experiencing some flooding following excessively high tides on Tuesday evening.

According to a Split Image press release yesterday, the Sea Defence Emergency Works Unit (SDEWU) was deployed to the area early yesterday morning and immediately began addressing the problem. Several sandbags were placed in the two locations to lift the level of the embankment.

The release said further that additional resources were being sent to the area yesterday afternoon.

According to the release, Head of the SDEWU, Mahadeo Persaud, noted that the Sea Defence Unit had earlier identified this area as a problem one and had advertised through public tender for a contractor to carry out works to secure the section. Persaud stated that the contracts have just been evaluated and the award will be done shortly.

The release said that after the area was identified as being susceptible, temporary works were carried out, but the excessive tides pounded the location and eroded the temporary revetment that was put in place.

The release quoted Persaud as saying that the very high tides will continue for about three days, with waves reaching as high as 11 feet, but he expressed confidence that the emergency works team will manage to prevent additional flooding by raising the level of the embankment.

The emergency team will remain in the area until the contractor for the permanent works has been mobilised on the site and the area has been secured, the release said.

The area that has been identified for permanent works are in two sections of 390 feet and 364 feet, the release noted, and the bill is likely to be about $16 million.

Meanwhile, the Sea Defence Unit will remain on high alert countrywide during the next three days since excessively high tides are expected and several critical areas will be under constant monitoring. The ministry is also calling on citizens to be alert to any case of overtopping or sea defence breach and immediately contact the Sea Defence Unit of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications or their local Neighbourhood Democratic Council or regional office, the release added.