Make a higher contribution to culture of peace - Green
Stabroek News
February 27, 2002

Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green, yesterday urged the media to acknowledge its awesome power of persuasion, and to make a higher contribution to a culture of peace.

Speaking at a press conference, which he had called to report on his attendance at the Seventh World Culture and Sports Festival, in Seoul, South Korea from February 14 to 17, the mayor urged more coverage of the less sensational, but good things in society.

The conference, which attracted many former and present heads of states, government ministers and industry leaders, was staged under the theme, 'Establishing a Culture of Peace.' The mayor said that this vindicated his calls for a moral and spiritual revival.

Green was also apparently responding to a society that has been captivated by the latest workings of a self-styled spiritualist and constantly bombarded by senseless violence. He questioned the media's coverage of too many "sensational stories," its defence of persons who have inflicted severe pain to many and its ignorance of the victims and person's affected. The mayor called upon media practitioners, particularly younger ones, to design stories which, rather than transmit violence, hate and vulgarity, help young people to make proper choices and accept the need for principles.

Following his report, the Mayor also addressed city development concerns, particularly that of derelict buildings, for which legislation is in place, and the campaign against littering, which received a breakthrough with the designation of an exclusive court for municipal matters (court ten), which will facilitate the prosecution of persons found littering as well as persons found in violation of health and engineering rules and recalcitrant in tax payments.