Flag raised to mark republic anniversary
Stabroek News
February 24, 2002

The symbol of nationhood, the Golden Arrowhead unfurled at midnight at the Square of the Revolution, at the PNC REFORM-organised flag-raising ceremony and once again in the compound of the Parliament buildings at 0800 hrs.

It was all pomp and ceremony in the compound of the Parliament Buildings where a guard of honour mounted by the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force did the honours on the occasion of the country's thirty-second Republic anniversary.

The national flag was unfurled to the roll of drums from the GDF military band and against the booming of a 21-gun salute.

President Bharrat Jagdeo and Prime Minister Sam Hinds and Mrs Yvonne Hinds, ministers of the government and members of the diplomatic community were among those who witnessed the hoisting of the flag which was done by Midshipman Doris of the GDF Coast Guard and Lance Corporal Cudjoe of the Guyana Police Force.

The company of four platoons, was resplendent in ceremonial tunics. The drums of the GDF military band attracted a small gathering on the northern pavement of Brickdam.

But in spite of the pomp and ceremony it was the Square of the Revolution, which attracted a large crowd that braved the inclement weather to stay beyond the midnight hour. The crowd was entertained by a number of cultural performances and heard a brief address from PNC/R Leader Desmond Hoyte in which he committed the PNC/R to continuing the struggle for good governance.

Following the unfurling of the Golden Arrowhead, the recital of the National Pledge and the singing of the National Anthem, spontaneous cheers went up from the crowd at the Square of the Revolution and the Soca sounds took over as the rains came down and the Mash Day festivities began.