Welfare coordinator wants apology for porn ring story
Stabroek News
February 13, 2002

Coordinator of the Schools' Welfare Division, Yvonne Arthur wants a public apology for a Guyana Chronicle report [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] which stated that a pornographic ring involving "unsuspecting teenage boys and girls" had been uncovered.

A Government Information Agency (GINA) release said that Arthur dubbed the report a "malicious one" which has "serious implications" for her division which has been engaged in an anti-truancy campaign.

The Guyana Chronicle report of 6th February had sourced the story to Ministry of Education officials and not to the Schools' Welfare Division. The work of the division was referred to later in the article.

Arthur has warned that if a public apology was not made the division would be forced to send a lawyer's letter to those concerned with the "libellous article."

The Schools' Welfare Division embarked on the truancy campaign in an effort to get those children found wandering during school hours back into the classroom. The ongoing campaign which has already been introduced in several parts of the country, GINA said, was expected to continue in two other areas before the end of the month.