$80M this year for Berbice vocational centre - Jagdeo
Stabroek News
February 1, 2002

Some $80 million will be allotted for the construction of a technical/vocational college on the Upper Corentyne for the sharpening of vocational, technical, and computer literacy skills for adults.

President Bharrat Jagdeo made this promise to residents on the Corentyne Coast on his return trip from Suriname on Wednesday. He said that this would be addressed in the National Budget, which is to be presented shortly. The Head of State said that the complete cost of that proposed tertiary institution would be $300 million and it would be done in stages over a three-year period.

The President who was on a whistle-stop tour of 13 Corentyne villages, reiterated that provision was also to be made for the expansion of the Rose Hall estate airstrip by an additional 2000 ft to facilitate the shuttling of passengers from Nickerie, Suriname to Rose Hall, East Canje. He also highlighted the proposal for an immigration outpost on the Corentyne and a consulate in Nickerie to ease documentation pressure experienced by the Guyanese community in Suriname.

The entire health sector will be upgraded, he said, in addition to the Japanese-funded state-of-the-art hospital project, which will commence by midyear.

The signing of the contract to commence construction of the Berbice Bridge is also tabled for this year and it is hoped that construction could begin by yearend.

He challenged the residents to join the Guyana Police Force, which he said is now career oriented. Referring to two members of the force who are currently on medical scholarships overseas, the President said, that on their return they would be employed in the Medical Corps of force. He also stated that the force will be the beneficiary of US$1 million worth of transportation equipment which would allow for a more effective response to calls.

Turning to the restructuring of GUYSUCO, he said that more jobs would be created in an effort to shift opportunities from agriculture to other areas, and this would include investment in two garment factories.

Earlier, immediately after his return from Suriname, the President visited the relatives of the four men whose burnt remains were found on a Crabwood Creek farm. Outar Narine called Alvin, 55; Shailendra Rajpaul called 'Chiney Boy', 15; Kumar Nandkumar known as 'Black Boy', 37; and Thakurdeen Jagmohan called 'Prabo' perished in a fire which destroyed their camp, about four miles aback of the Crabwood Creek public road. 'B' Division Police Commander Paul Slowe, and Regional Chairman Rohit Persaud accompanied President Jagdeo. He stressed that a final pronouncement on the circumstances surrounding the deaths would be made on the outcome of the ongoing investigations.