Amplified music illegal in buses
-Police restate
Stabroek News
February 1, 2002

The Police Traffic Department yesterday reiterated that it was engaged in a countrywide daily operation to ensure full compliance with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act and Regulations.

The statement came in the wake of a continuing strike by minibus drivers over the charging by police of drivers of buses with amplified sets. Drivers are also unnerved by proposed seat belt regulations.

The police reiterated the following points:

AMPLIFIED MUSICAL SETS IN MINI-BUSES ILLEGAL: Clause 18 of the conditions of the Road Service Licence prohibits the use of musical sets with amplifiers. While the law does not prohibit music in mini-buses, it is a clear breach of the Road Service Licence for mini-buses to carry musical instruments capable of producing amplified music. Traffic ranks have been acting according to the law.

REGULAR MUSICAL SETS ALLOWED IN MINI-BUSES: The Traffic Department is not preventing minibuses from carrying regular and legally prescribed Radio/Cassette/CD players, without amplifier capacity, and regular 4" or 6" speakers.

COMPULSORY USE OF SEAT BELTS NOT IN FORCE: The regulations relating to the compulsory use of seat belts are not in force. Consequently, no traffic rank is enforcing the compulsory use of seat belts in mini-buses or any other type of vehicles

MINI-BUS DRIVERS AND CONDUCTORS ARE NOT BEING HARRASSED: No single category of vehicles is being targeted by the Traffic Department. All road users, including mini-bus drivers and conductors will be treated fairly and according to the relevant traffic laws during the on-going and routine road safety exercises.

The police also offered the assurance that all those drivers who wished to restart or continue their service could do so as measures are in place to ensure the safety of their vehicles and passengers.