PNC/R defends government removal intention
Guyana Chronicle
June 21, 2002

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THE main Opposition People's National Congress Reform (PNC/R) is frowning at allegations that its "announced intention to work for the removal" of the present Government, is seditious.

At the party's weekly news conference yesterday, PNC/R Central Executive member, Mr. Raphael Trotman said that as an opposition party, the PNC/R is "in the business of trying to get the government of the day out of office" and to have itself "as the alternate government".

"(There is nothing wrong with) any statement which says that as an opposition party, we are attempting to remove the Government", he declared.

However, he said the party is not talking about or has ever talked about removal by "force of arms".

"We stand firm that it is our business to expose...oppose...and depose...them (the Government). We will continue to do that and we see nothing wrong with that. We are not saying that we will do so by force of arms," Trotman insisted.

"Throughout every corner of this earth, there have been instances where people feel and have felt that the government sitting on their backs is not what they desire and they have taken moves to force resignations. If that happens, so be it to the (ruling) PPP/Civic", he declared.