Forbes, McDonald exchange letters over attacks on Police Guyana Chronicle
June 13, 2002

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JAMAICA Commissioner of Police, Mr Francis Forbes, who is also President of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police, has written Acting Commissioner in Guyana, Mr Floyd McDonald, also condemning the May 30 assault by gunmen on Alberttown Police Station in Georgetown.

Forbes said he had been trying to reach McDonald by telephone since receiving the information about “the vicious attack on your Police station, resulting in the brutal murder of one of your officers”.

“First, I would like to publicly condemn this dastardly act which, in itself, is an attack on the very fabric of law and order in your society,” Forbes wrote.

He went on:” It is an act that must be condemned by all citizens, not just within Guyana, but within the region, since the current trend suggests that Police, by nature of their duties, are now at risk all around.

“We, here in Jamaica, are deeply saddened by your loss and indeed Guyana’s loss and extend to you and the men and women of your force our deepest sympathy.

“We also extend condolence to members of the bereaved families and wish, for them, strength and determination that will see them through this critical period.

“In conclusion, I must advise you to encourage all Police persons to maintain their focus in the full realisation that their ultimate goal is the protection of life and property of all,” the letter said.

McDonald replied, thanking Forbes for his concern and support for the general welfare of the Guyana Police Force.

“I am indeed heartened by your words of concern and encouragement for our collective effort to fight against a certain new wave of criminal activities, which has been plaguing our society, as well as others in the Caribbean.

“I could not help but recognise your deep concern for the welfare of the members of the bereaved families, in particular and the functionaries of the Guyana Police Force, in general.

“We remain strong, determined and committed to our constitutional obligation to serve and protect all,” McDonald assured Forbes, whose force has lost six cops slain by gunmen, so far, this year.