Promotional campaign for North America
Guyana Chronicle
June 1, 2002

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THE Committee making arrangements for the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships to be held in Guyana in October 2004 is streamlining plans for a major promotion of the Sports event in North America.

The aim of this campaign is to attract spectators and supporters to come to Guyana for the Bodybuilding Championships as well as to enjoy a unique Guyanese vacation. The campaign targets both Guyanese and non-Guyanese bodybuilding communities in North America.

Under the slogan “Come for the championships; be part of the adventure”, the promotional campaign is expected to be launched in New York during the August/September months of this year. Special CAC 2004 Guyana posters, together with flyers, T-Shirts and brochures, will be on display at strategic locations in North American metropolitan centres. North American Airlines has already given its support to this campaign by offering a special 7-day fare of US$489 for the period of the CAC Championships.

Expected to attract competitors, officials and supporters from over 40 countries, the CAC 2004 Bodybuilding Championships is being touted as Guyana’s largest Sports event and a major Sports Tourism venture. The October 2004 event is being promoted not only as a rare bodybuilding showcase, but also as a time of dinners, banquets, receptions and tours.

For its target markets CAC 2004 will be a week-long Guyanese adventure that blends rugged bodies with beautiful landscapes, and fierce competition with full-blooded recreation. The event truly combines Sports with Tourism in a Guyanese setting.