Escapees linked to another cop killing
Guyana Chronicle
May 29, 2002

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THE five dangerous criminals who escaped from the Georgetown Prison on February 23 last have been linked to the latest slaying of a Policeman.

Constable Sherwin Alleyne, 26, one of four Policemen who were ambushed and shot Saturday night aback the Coldingen Industrial Estate, East Coast Demerara, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Monday night.

The Government Information Agency (GINA) yesterday said early reports suggest that members of the gang of five escapees may be responsible for the attack and killing.

The gang also killed well-known anti-crime fighter, Superintendent Leon Fraser last month.

Fraser, shot in the head, was the second murder victim of the gang which also killed Prison Officer Troy Williams, 21, when it broke out of the jail. One of the five also shot Woman Prison Officer, Roxanne Whinfield, 36, in the head as they fled and she is undergoing medical treatment overseas.

Alleyne, of Angoy's Avenue, New Amsterdam, Berbice, was on patrol with the three other Policemen when they were ambushed by two gunmen.

He was shot in the leg and chest.

The Policeman was said to be the youngest of eight children in his family.

The vehicle the four were in burst into flames in the attack and was extensively damaged.

Another of the wounded Policemen was yesterday reported in critical condition at the hospital.

Marlon Cruickshank, 21, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital with gunshot wounds in his left shoulder, chest and thighs and his condition was reported critical up to late last night.

Ravi Outar, 24, who sustained gunshot wounds to his head has been discharged after being treated, while Ray Guiness, 41, was reportedly out of danger after being treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said the ranks based at Police `C' Division on the East Coast Demerara were shot at while they were on patrol investigating the movement of a `suspicious' vehicle approaching a dam that is not associated with vehicular traffic.

Police in a press release said that as the "ranks approached a pump on a lonely dam, two gunmen who were standing on the dam opened fire on the patrol and fled into the night".

The trail led Police down a dam adjacent to the Dipcon Asphalt Plant at Coldingen, the release said.

GINA yesterday said Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Ronald Gajraj has extended condolences to the relatives and friends of the late Constable Alleyne.

The agency said that the minister, noting that there is growing disrespect for the Police Force, has assured that every effort will be made to apprehend those responsible for Alleyne's murder.

Detective Sergeant Harry Sharma Kooseram, 37, was shot and killed in cold blood last month as he cycled to work from his home at 149 Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara.

The five February 23 escapees have been linked to a series of daring robberies, kidnappings and hijackings in and around Georgetown and on parts of the East Coast Demerara.

The five are Shawn Brown, Mark Fraser, Dale Moore, Andrew Douglas and Troy Dick.