13 records crumble in weightlifting championships
Guyana Chronicle
May 25, 2002

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THIRTEEN records crumbled in the Junior National Male and Female Weightlifting Championships staged at the Uitvlugt Community Centre on Sunday.

Odacey Clarke, Myrna Patterson, Quammy Osbourne, Tiele Thorne and Tony Harris were the record-breakers, but the Best Junior Male was Koel Bentick while Thorne was the Best Lifter for the Open Male.

Clarke set new marks while competing in the Junior Under-20 Ladies 75+ kilogramme Class, with a 47.5 kg Snatch, 60 kg Clean & Jerk and 107.5 kg total, all records.

Three records with a 30 kg Snatch, 37.5 Clean & Jerk and 67.5 total were set by Patterson in the Ladies Open 58 kg class.

Osborne’s records were for a 77.5 kg Snatch, 82.5 kg Clean & Jerk and a 1600 kg total in the Male Open 62 kg class, while Thorne’s were for a 97.5 kg Snatch, 112.5 kg Clean & Jerk and 210 kg total in the 77 kg class.

The final record was registered by Harris for a 100 kg Snatch in the 85 kg class, erasing the old mark of 90 kg set two years ago by Farouk Abdool of Hardcore Gym.

Other winners among the 11 participants were Jagdeo Harripaul in the Under-20 Male 56 kg class, snatching 47.5 kg, Clean & Jerk 55 kg and total 102.5 kg, while in the 69 kg clash, Bentick placed first with 72.5 in Snatch, 92.5 Clean & Jerk and 165 kg total. Timothy Stewart was second.

In the Male Open 69 kg clash, Sean Omalho won with a 70 kg Snatch, 97.5 Clean & Jerk and 164.5 kg total.