Determined to combat the odds Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
May 21, 2002

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IT IS heartening and encouraging news for the investment and business sector that despite political tensions and the upsurge in violent crimes there are still local entrepreneurs around who have the commitment, will and confidence to make further investments in this country.

Investments are vital to the growth of the economy and creation of jobs for the increasing population of youths.

The rate of investments has unfortunately since 1997 not been high, mainly because of political turmoil originating from post-elections activities of the political Opposition.

Apart from the economic benefits, investments, especially from overseas, also bring along new technology in production and new methods of management

The recent opening by DIDCO Trading Company Ltd. of the first phase of its multi-million-dollar technologically advanced poultry farm at Yarowkabra on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, is an example of the commitment by local entrepreneurs.

The poultry farm is fully computerised and automated and is the first phase of the project which entails the construction of seven `houses', all fully computerised, at a cost of some US$132,000 each. The second phase of the scheme, which should commence in a few months, will see the construction of 20 more buildings, each of which will be able to hold some 34,000 to 37,000 chickens.

DIDCO proprietor and Managing Director, Mr. Deo Singh is confident that in a short while, this investment will assist in making Guyana self sufficient in poultry production. He assured that the price of the chickens will be within the reach of ordinary people and the quality of the product will not suffer.

He also urged fellow businessmen to take the risk and invest in Guyana, despite the unstable political climate.

Minister of Fisheries, Crops and Livestock, Mr. Satyadeow Sawh, expressed great optimism: "I think this is a clear indication that while some are hell-bent to burn and to wreck and to destroy, we have Guyanese who are committed to stay here to build and to invest in Guyana and the future of our country."

Importantly, the investment is in an area in which Guyana has been striving to become self-sufficient for a long time. In fact, just more than a decade ago, Guyana was importing more chicken than was being produced locally, and DIDCO ironically was among the largest importers.

Guyana right now is just about self-sufficient in poultry production and continued growth of this industry could see it becoming a major exporter at least in the immediate Caribbean market, where most of the chicken supplies originate from North America or Europe.

Despite the understandable current concerns, DIDCO's initiative and confidence in the local economy should serve as an inspiration and example to other local entrepreneurs.

Our nation is young, getting ready to celebrate 36 years of Independence on Sunday and it is passing through a difficult period.

But Guyanese cannot afford to lose confidence in its prospects and entrepreneurs like Mr. Singh are showing the determination to combat the odds.