Mash Day prison escapee may be in Suriname
-Guyana Police detectives leave to investigate
Guyana Chronicle
May 20, 2002

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A POLICE source yesterday told this newspaper that detectives from Guyana have gone to neighbouring Suriname in an effort to ascertain whether a man captured by authorities in that country is one of the five armed and dangerous criminals that escaped from the Georgetown Prison on 23 February last.

According to the Police source, it is “very likely” that the man currently held in custody by the Surinamese authority is Mark Fraser, one of the five dangerous escapees who have been linked to a series of high-profile robberies, car-jackings, kidnappings and murders since their daring daylight escape from the Georgetown Prison.

This newspaper understands that the Surinamese Police have told Police officials here that they believe they have captured Fraser, since the detained Guyanese bears a strong resemblance to mug shots of the wanted man.

Pictures of the five prison escapees on `wanted bulletins’ have been circulated in Guyana and in neighbouring countries. Police are also offering a $10M reward for information leading to the recapture of the five prison escapees.

The Police source told the Chronicle that detectives from the Guyana Police Force, who have since gone to Suriname to ascertain whether it is indeed the wanted criminal, were expected to have confirmation by yesterday on the identity of the man.

The five escapees on the run, and which have so far managed to elude an intensive manhunt spearheaded by the Guyana Police Force and the Army are Fraser, Dale Moore, Shawn Brown, Andrew Douglas and Troy Dick.

When contacted by this newspaper yesterday, the Police Public Relations Department declined to give details on this latest development in the efforts to recapture the armed and dangerous prison escapees, but has promised to give a full report today.