Fresh fashion ideas from new kid on the block By Linda Rutherford
Guyana Chronicle
May 19, 2002

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`Hot!’ `New!’ `Fresh!’ are just some of the expressions used in describing the concept behind the work of young fabric designer, Margaux Wong, who formally made her debut into the world of local fashion Wednesday when she staged her first showing at fashionable Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club in downtown Georgetown.

Between sips of fragrant Tetley Tea and mouthfuls of delectable pastry, something that is fast gaining in popularity come every Wednesday afternoon at the ‘Sidewalk’, patrons watched in fascination and some amount of admiration as the 19-year-old designer let herself go, exhibiting a marked passion for simple lines, earth tones and Amerindian hieroglyphs. She later confessed that she likes her clothes “simply cut and full-fitting.”

Strange enough, it was the ladies in the audience, and not the other way around as is customary, who were the aggressors that evening, making wolf whistles and catcalls as the models went by, particularly the three young hunks among them.

Watching from the sidelines and giving an occasional word of encouragement was Margaux’ dad, Mr. Hubert Wong. Also present was Trade, Tourism and Industry Minister, Mr. Manzoor Nadir.

Said Margaux after taking the traditional final bow with her coterie of models as is done in the big league: “I never thought the show would be such a huge success. I didn’t expect so many people.”

It’s been about a year and a half now, she said, since she’s been into fabric designing. She has no formal training; she is self-taught. Though, she’s always wanted to attend the Burrowes School of Art, she never did get the chance to.

Asked about her pursuit of a degree in business management when it is art that is really her calling, Margaux said: “I love art, and that is what I want to earn money from. But, not knowing how to manage your business is not a good idea. I’d like to manage my own business, so I decided to learn how to do that.”

And about her liberal use of Amerindian characters, the former Bishop’s High School and President’s College student said: “I am what you may call a true Guyanese. I am made up of all six of our races, (mostly) Amerindian and African.”

More to the point, she said: “I guess I was influenced by my ancestral background to get into ethnocentric designs.”

And, yes! She does like working with natural fibres, particularly linen and cotton. Though, on occasion, she would use rayon, “but not a lot of it.”

In all, there were some 25 pieces on display, including men’s wear. She also plans on bringing out a line of gents’ trousers “pretty soon.”

People in her Albouystown community are very supportive, she said.

“I get a lot of compliments as I walk through my neighbourhood about the clothes I wear, because I only wear what I design.” It’s a form of advertisement, she said, without actually having to pay for the service. She also sews on occasion for people, but, she hastened to add: “I am not a seamstress.”

And the future? Kevin, her boyfriend, features prominently in it. “We’re business partners; he helps me understand what guys like. He’s also very ethno-centric; so we go hand in hand.”

The two plan going into business together, she said. “We plan on having a store and trading internationally.”