Benn to conduct free clinics for young lawn tennis players
Guyana Chronicle
May 12, 2002

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YOUNG tennis players will be afforded free monthly training clinics - until August - conducted by international tennis coach Esan Benn.

The first clinic took place two Sundays ago at Le Meridien Pegasus with 23 participants whose ages ranged from 12 to 19 years, in memory of Kofe Tyrell who passed away a few years ago.

In two hours, they went through the basics strokes and serves, and participated in a double round-the-world game in which they hit the ball and ran around the court.

A one-point competition was staged and 12-year-old Andy Gouveia was the winner.

“He had a lot of talent,” Benn said.

The winner received a tennis racquet, while participants got strings, hats and grips.

Benn holds a USA licence from the Professional Tennis Registry for the past five years. He worked with the Lake Jeanette Tennis Club in North Carolina, but plans to move to Pennsylvania, where he has conducted clinic for young players.

The full-time coach who came back some two months ago intends to hold monthly clinics for young players until August when he plans to return to the USA.

A big tournament, organised by Adams, is in train for young players in August.

Benn is also planning to hold adult training with two sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, one from 06:00 hrs to 07:00 hrs and the other from 07:00 hrs to 08:00 hrs. Participants will have to pay for the training.

The coach is planning on building a tennis facility here, and is looking at the Non Pariel complex in Woolford Avenue. In the meantime, Benn wants to resurface the court there.