PPP urges action against those behind pamphlet threat
Guyana Chronicle
May 7, 2002

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THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is urging all appropriate action by law enforcement authorities, with the cooperation of all law-abiding citizens, to bring those behind the circulation of the threatening `Five For Freedom’ pamphlet to justice.

“It is now clear that the step taken by the administration in labelling actions and statements by certain elements in the PNC/R (People’s National Congress/Reform) and also the propaganda by certain talk show hosts as ‘terroristic’ and ‘anti-police’ has again been given credibility”, the PPP said in a statement.

According to the PPP, the widely circulated pamphlet headed ‘Five For Freedom’ and its contents are purely terroristic and anti-police.

The `five’ referred to are dangerous criminals who staged a violent breakout from the Georgetown Prison on February 23 last. Andrew Douglas, Dale Moore, Mark Fraser or Mark Ferdinand, Shawn Brown and Troy Dick are still at large and have been linked to a series of kidnappings, robberies and shootings since their escape.

The PPP said the pamphlet follows another which called the five wanted murderers ‘freedom fighters’ and which originated from a PNC/R march at Buxton, East Coast Demerara last month. “It issues the ominous threat that with immediate effect, government officials, police ranks and their families are now classified as ‘Targets’”, the PPP stated.

The PPP said that the threatening pamphlet contains the message that people will be “killed, kidnapped, burnt to death (and) no remorse nor tolerance” will be shown to those who side with the Police Force.

The party said that the threatening pamphlet was sent to the General Secretary of the PPP and several government officials.

“We call on the Police Force and on foreign agencies and civil society to take immediate note and all appropriate actions to support the people of Guyana in opposing these ‘anti-police and terroristic’ threats,” the PPP stated.