Police detain 12 for questioning
Guyana Chronicle
May 7, 2002

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THE Police have detained 12 persons from a group of about 30 they rounded-up over the weekend, as investigations continue into Saturday’s shoot-out between bandits and the Police at a house in Prashad Nagar. Police also raided a North Ruimveldt house on Saturday.

The group of 30 had included the owners of a city taxi service, from where it is believed persons linked to the escapees may have been renting cars to aid the bandits in moving around.

Sources told the Chronicle that the owners of the taxi service were to have been released sometime yesterday afternoon.

A gang of gun-toting men, believed to be the five `Mash Day’ prison escapees had engaged the Police in a shoot-out lasting some two hours in Prashad Nagar on Saturday. The escapees eventually evaded the lawmen yet again.

Following this latest clash involving between the Police and the bandits the Police are more convinced that the five notorious prison escapees are being provided with “logistical and moral support”.

Among those who the Police held were, Booby Moore, father of prison escapee Dale Moore and a Police Detective Corporal.

The Police in a release Sunday explained the hindrances its ranks encountered in their bid to capture the gang of gun-toting bandits on Saturday. They appealed to members of the public to stay away from areas in which Police are conducting operations.

The release said that as Police ranks approached a house in Prashad Nagar in pursuit of persons suspected to be involved in the recent spate of armed robberies, they were greeted with a hail of gunfire, which forced the lawmen to adopt tactical manoeuvres during which time the men escaped.

“The Police operations were hampered by the terrain, high fences and a nearby Mosque. Additionally, we were conscious of the need to avoid civilian casualties in such a heavily populated area.

“A plastic pail filled with AK 47 ammunition, bits of clothing and other items were found in the house, which appears to be one of the safe houses of the bandits. It was also apparent that the men were preparing to depart the building as the Police arrived.

The release said, too, that an attempt was made to hijack a car on Delhi Street on Saturday night during the Police operations.