Police greeted by hail of gunfire from Prashad Nagar house Saturday
Guyana Chronicle
May 6, 2002

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THE Guyana Police Force issued a press release yesterday in which it explained the hindrances to the attempt by ranks to capture a gang of gun-toting bandits on Saturday.

In this report, the Police appealed to members of the public to stay away from those areas in which Police are conducting operations. The release has a special warning for media practitioners to avoid tampering with evidence at scenes of Police operations, and also to refrain from making misleading statements.

The text of the Police release is as follows:

“In continuance of our operations yesterday (Saturday), ranks of the Guyana Police Force went to a house in Prashad Nagar in pursuit of persons suspected to be involved in the recent spate of armed robberies, and on approaching the building, were greeted a hail of gunfire forcing the lawmen to adopt tactical manoeuvres, during which the men escaped.

“The Police operations were hampered by the terrain, high fences and a nearby Mosque. Additionally, we were conscious of the need to avoid civilian casualties in such a heavily populated area.

“A plastic pail filled with AK 47 ammunition, bits of clothing and other items were found in the house, which appears to be one of the safe houses of the bandits. It was also apparent that the men were preparing to depart the building as the Police arrived.

“In a related development, an attempt was made to hijack a car on Delhi Street on Saturday night during the Police operations.

“Our investigations yesterday (Saturday) have made us more convinced that the five escapees are being provided with logistical and moral support.

“Members of the public are advised to stay away from areas in which Police operations are being conducted or to remain indoors to avoid innocent persons being injured and to preserve our operations.

“We are urging members of the press to avoid tampering with evidence at scenes of Police operations and to be very cautious about making statements, which tend to mislead the public and vilify the Guyana Police Force.

“Members of the Force are risking their lives on a daily basis to recapture these bandits, who were captured before and put in the Georgetown Prison.

“We called on all citizens not to be unduly worried as the Force is doing its best to deal with the situation.”