Fields fails to stop Great Britain’s dominance
Guyana Chronicle
April 30, 2002

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CONSISTENT shooting by the experienced Guyanese rifleman Richard Fields failed to turn the tides of an almost clean sweep by the Great Britain (GB) shooters at the end of the two days on Individual competition Sunday at the Timehri Rifle ranges.

Fields, who has been inactive in local competitions for most of last year and this year, brought his experience to the fore in placing third in the grand aggregate, being edged out by GB’s Paul Charlton and John Carmichael.

Charlton emerged winner with 292 points and 38 V-bulls, Carmichael secured 290 points and 23 V-bulls while Fields recorded 289 and 32 V-bulls.

Guyanese shooter Leo Ramalho, who placed tenth overall in the grand aggregate showdown, had the distinction of recording the only possible (50 out of 50) with three V-bulls at the 500 yards range on the final day of the individual competition.

Ramalho’s overall aggregate was 279 points with 22 V-bulls, while compatriot Ransford Goodluck, who has been selected for the Commonwealth Games in Bisley in August placed ninth overall with 281 points and 24 V-bulls.

Charlton and Dr. Kelvin Ramsey shared honours on the first day, while Carmichael was in top form on day two.

The top ten aggregate scores were: (1) P. Charlton 292 with 38 V-bulls, (2) J.H. Carmichael 290 -23, (3) Guyana - R. Fields 289 -32, (4) Dr. Ramsey 289-25, (5) Peter Thompson 283 -25, (6) Lt. Commander Sally Roots - 283 -22, (7) David. C. Dyson 283-22, (8) Gary Alexander 282-22, (9) Guyana - R. Goodluck 281-24 and (10) Guyana - L. Ramalho 279-22.

The GB team will leave Guyana today for Trinidad and Tobago for the second leg of their Caribbean tour that will also take them to Jamaica and Barbados.

The local shooters used last weekend series as part of their preparation for the West Indies full bore championship scheduled for Barbados in mid-May. (Troy Peters)