PPP salutes Fraser's bravery
Guyana Chronicle
April 4, 2002

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THE People's Progressive Party (PPP) has expressed its deepest sympathy to the family of slain Police Officer, Superintendent Leon Fraser and to the Police Force as a whole.

In a statement yesterday, it noted that Fraser had displayed the highest degree of professionalism and commitment to his duties as a Police Officer.

"Leon Fraser was a very courageous and dedicated officer whose defence of the public efforts to create a secure atmosphere for all peace loving, law abiding citizens has become legendary," the PPP said.

"He was an exceptionally brave man who was loved by most, but hated by criminals and those who benefitted from crimes."

According to the PPP, the killing of Fraser must also be viewed in the context of the atmosphere created, moreso in recent times, by TV talk show hosts and other forces.

"Leon Fraser and the squad, which he headed, were made targets by those forces who have inculcated a spirit of hate for Superintendent Fraser," the party said.

"It is appropriate to recall the attempts to make into heroes, the likes of Linden London, at whose funeral the flag of Guyana was desecrated over his coffin (and) these forces must share responsibility this time by their irrational behaviour, often lacking objectivity, whipping up feelings against the security forces," the party charged.

The PPP noted too that Fraser was on record as saying that he knew "only one way to do his job, and that was professionally".

That was a response after he came under public attack by the Opposition, the PPP said.

It said that Fraser "will be missed for the courage, bravery and integrity he brought to his job. He would be remembered long after those who committed this crime and those who gave them support are forgotten," the party asserted.

"The PPP once more, extends its deepest sympathy to his widow, the rest of his family and the Police Force as a whole (and) we urge that every effort be taken to apprehend the criminals," the party added.