Pre-teen earns diploma in Microcomputer Studies
Meet 12-year-old Jitanjili Seesankar
Guyana Chronicle
March 24, 2002

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This first former of Queens College is no ordinary individual. She recently graduated from Sadik’s Computer Centre on the West Bank of Demerara with an overall distinction, making her one of the youngest Guyanese to have a diploma in Microcomputer Studies.

This bright-eyed girl from Lot 4 South Section, Canal Number 2 Polder, has a special knack for software applications and began pursuing her dreams of becoming a young professional just after completing the Common Entrance Exams last July.

Jitanjili excelled in the six software applications required for the diploma: Introduction to Microcomputers Phases 1&2, MS Word 2000, MS Excel 2000, MS Windows 98/2000, MS Outlook 2000 and Internet and Email Access. Each of the programmes contained in excess of 35 topics, which she mastered with excellence.

Jitanjili, who always has a smile on her face, has wasted no time in putting her computer knowledge to the test: she is busy tutoring her proud dad, Bharrat, and mom Nadira, and sometimes her two younger and curious brothers Avinash and Vikash to use their PC at home.

When Jitanjili is not busy doing her homework, or helping her mom around the house, she can usually be found in her room on her PC pushing her touch typing speed using a special interactive programme.

She anticipates becoming an expert typist by the time she is fifteen. She enjoys surfing the net.

Jitanjili, who has already set certain goals for herself, says that in addition to becoming `Jane of all fields’, her dream job is to become a flight attendant and travel the world.

Moreso, she would like to make her mom and dad proud since they always gave her the best.

Jitanjili advises youths her age to become computer literate. It’s essential, but also fun, she notes.

Jitanjili and her proud parents are in praise of the Sadik’s Computer Centre for realising their daughter’s dream of becoming a young professional.

The Management and students of the Centre commend Jitanjili on her excellent performance. Jitanjili is the Centre’s youngest graduate. (Neil Marks)