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North Georgetown create major upset over Upper Demerara
Guyana Chronicle
March 13, 2002

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NORTH Georgetown, District 11, inflicted a major upset over Upper Demerara, capturing the National schools swimming championships, with Junior Sportsman of the Year Justin Jairam emerging one of six individual champions for the district at the Castillani Pool, yesterday.

District 11 finished with a massive 315 points, District 10 coming a distant second with 164, while District 1 (Northwest) were third with 109 and fourth District 2 (Essequibo Coast/Pomeroon) on 84.

The other results were District 3 (West Demerara) 75, District 7 (Bartica) 61, District 12 (East Georgetown) 44, District 13 (South Georgetown) 31, District 14 (East Bank Demerara) 27, District 4 (East Coast Demerara) 26 and District 15 (New Amsterdam/Canje) 12.

Jairam was the Boys Under-15 champions, striking Gold in the 50 and 75 metres Freestyle, and the 50 metres Back. He was also in the winning 4 x 50 metre relay team.

The Girls Under-15 champion was Launa Dickson who won similar individual events as Jairam.

National swimmer Onan Thom who did not get to participate in the South American championship being staged in Belem, Brazil, yesterday, because of funds, was one of two Upper Demerara individual champions. He effortlessly beat the field to capture the Boys Open champion title. He won the 100 metre Freestyle, 100 metre Backstroke and 100 metre Breaststroke, then he anchored the Medley relay.

Sherry Van Lange was the Girls Open champion, winning the 50 and 100 metre Butterfly and the 50 metre Backstroke. She was also in a winning relay.

The other Upper Demerara champion was Ibi-Ann Phillips who took the Girls Under-11 title. She won the 25 metre Freestyle and placed second in the 50 metres Freestyle and 25 metre Backstroke for the top 26 points.

Alan Lowe was the Boys Under-13 champion, with Gold in the 50 and 75 Freestyle and 50 Backstroke. The Girls Under-13 champion, Christi Perreira won similar events.

Swimming began on time and followed the programme as printed for the first two hours. But that smooth operation was too good to be true and true to form as in previous championships, events began coming haphazardly. By the finals, the programme was in total chaos, with events coming off as if by random, almost rendering the well-bound programme useless.

Chronicle Sport was only able to get the official results of 14 finals before running off to meet the newspapers deadline. They are as follows:

100 m Butterfly Girls Open. First - Sherry Van Lange (Dist 11), Second - Monica Da Silva (Dist 1).

100 m Butterfly Boys Open. First - Ricardo Adams (Dist 11), Second - Delon Lambert (Dist 10), Third - Garfield Baharally (Dist 2).

50 m Backstroke Girls Under-15. First - Launa Dickson (Dist 11), Second - Shenelle Bremner (Dist 10), Third - Marlee Wilson (Dist 1).

50 m Backstroke Boys Under-15. First - Justin Jairam (Dist 11), Second - John Blounte (Dist 10), Third - Carl Ramascindo (Dist 14).

50 m Backstroke Girls Under-11. First - Christi Perreira (Dist 11), Second - Shellon Niles (Dist 10), Third - Ziola Wilson (Dist 1).

50 m Backstroke Boys Under-1. First - Alan Lowe (Dist 11), Second - Jamal Fredericks (Dist 12), Third - Trevon Faroze (Dist 10).

100 m Backstroke Girls Open. First - Luann Williams (Dist 2), Second - Rochelle Allicock (Dist 10), Third - Gemindo Daniels (Dist 14).

100 m Backstroke Boys Open. First - Onan Thom (Dist 10), Second - Ricardo Adams (Dist 11), Third - David Chamber (Dist 7).

25 m Backstroke Girls Under-11. First - Colissa Towler (Dist 13), Second - Ibi-Ann Phillips (Dist 10), Third - Lettitia Daniels (Dist 3).

25 m Backstroke Boys Under-11. First - Errol Van Lange (Dist 11), Second - Keith Roberts (Dist 2), Third - Javed Thomas (Dist 4).

75 m Freestyle Girls Under-15. First - Launa Dickson (Dist 11), Second - Kristina King (Dist 12), Third - Shenelle Bremner (Dist 10).

75 m Freestyle boys Under-15. First - Justin Jairam (Dist 11), Second - John Blounte (Dist 10), Third - Carl Ramascindo (Dist 14).

100 m Breaststroke Girls Open. First - Yulanda Armstrong (Dist 11), Second - Comain Thom (Dist 10), Third - Unifo Williams (Dist 2).

100 m Breaststroke Boys Open. First - Onan Thom (Dist 10), Second - Leslie Sobers (Dist 11), Third - Jason King (Dist 7).

The Track & Championships will be staged from today with the Opening ceremony for this 42nd Schools’ Annual National Track & Field, Cycling & Swimming championships, sponsored by Nestle Milo, starting at 10:00 hours.

President Bharrat Jagdeo and Area Manager of Nestle, Feroze Mohammed, will take the salute of the March Past. (Isaiah Chappelle).