Red Thread stages demonstration to back women’s demands
Guyana Chronicle
March 9, 2002

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RED Thread joined in marking International Women’s Day yesterday, also by demanding an end to “unpayable prices” for electricity, telephone calls and water.

According to the organisation, Guyanese women are demanding, as well;

· access to land and housing for all, especially single mothers of all races;

· clean water and electricity, free quality health care for all, without long journeys that cost time and money;

· access to affordable day care and maternity benefits;

· pensions and National Insurance Scheme (NIS) benefits for housewives;

· minimum wage and benefits for domestic workers;

· protection of children against incest and all violence in the home and

· an end to the slaughter of children on the roads.

Red Thread expressed concern, too, that no mention of women was made in the introduction of the economic recovery programme for Linden, called LEAP.

“What we see is that, to develop micro-enterprise, people can get loans on the same terms as if we were borrowing from the banks.

“We demand that this so-called LEAP be changed, so that it can serve the needs and interests of poor people, beginning with poor women and that real programmes for economic recovery be introduced in all other poor communities,” a press release said.

Red Thread staged a demonstration in Linden yesterday to focus on that community.