City Council to dismantle dilapidated buildings
Guyana Chronicle
February 13, 2002

THE City Council is to start dismantling dilapidated buildings around the city before the end of the week, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Robert Williams has announced.

Addressing councillors at a statutory meeting Monday, he noted that several buildings around Georgetown are posing a threat to citizens and should be dismantled immediately whether they are occupied or not.

Among those to be dismantled is the wooden structure at Regent and Wellington streets, which the council had attempted to rid its occupants of before so it could be demolished. Two others identified to be demolished are on Durban Street.

The City Engineer also has to examine several other old structures around the city to determine their structural foundation and whether or not these should be demolished, he said.

Williams also expressed concern about the state of some municipal markets, saying these should be closed until they are made safe.

He was responding to the report by the Markets/Public Health Committee concerning the state of the markets around the city.

Clerk in charge of the Kitty Market, Ms. Beulah Pompey reported that the entire structure needs to be rehabilitated. She said when it rains, there is a seepage of water, damaging goods belonging to stall holders.

The roof also leaks, sanitary facilities need upgrading, and the drain in Shell Road requires clearing to allow drainage to the Vlissengen Road Canal, she said.

The Albouystown Market requires general repairs to the roof which leaks, especially in the area of the Fish Pond, Clerk in charge of that market, Ms. Sharon Smith reported.

Access bridges to the market also have to be fixed urgently and the office needs to be upgraded, she said. Apart from this, the sanitary facilities are below minimum health standards and must be rehabilitated to provide for stallholders and customers.

Fencing of the entire East Ruimveldt Market area and the replacement of two gates on the southern and western sections need to be addressed urgently, Clerk in Charge, Ms. Kimberly Porter reported. The roof and gutters of market also need general repairs, she said.

Works are reportedly continuing at Stabroek Market. Stallholders have, however, reported losses due to damaged goods resulting from exposed areas whenever it rains.

Deputy Clerk of Markets, Mr. Errol Brisport said efforts could be made to have the contractors provide covers for open areas to avoid any further damage.

Concerns were also raised about some security lights, which were connected during the Christmas season that have since been disconnected.

The committee said it views the disconnection of the security lights as a serious breach, which can compromise the security of the market. The place is reportedly extremely dark at night.

The City Engineer is visit and submit a report on the state of the market and the threats to life and safety. (ABIGAIL KIPPINS-BUTLER)