Teachers exodus features in children's Mash competition By Stacey Davidson
Guyana Chronicle
February 5, 2002

THE Mashramani Calypso and Dramatic Poetry Competition for the Department of Georgetown schools kicked off yesterday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall with the exodus of teachers from the system featuring in several presentations.

Despite a few hiccups with the sound system the students performed well.

In the Nursery, Individual category, for Dramatic Poetry, Precious Jewels placed first with 'Gimme Now' performed by Lester Sobers, followed by Ascension Nursery represented by Asenauth Gree with her recital of 'Colour flash'; and Bel Air Nursery in third position with Terisa Bell doing 'Meh Stay Lil Boy'.

In the group section, Kingston Nursery emerged first with its performance of 'My Teacher Gone', with School of the Nations in second position with their recital of 'Without Essequibo', and Liana Nursery in third place doing 'Teachers are Flying Out'.

Stella Maris placed first in the 5-7 age group with Odessa Parris' performance of 'De Show Pun T.V'. West Ruimveldt Primary took second position with 'This Land is my Land' by Mariah Mingo, and Ashi De Caires of St Gabriel's Primary placed third with her recital of 'The Moon'.

In the group category, West Ruimveldt Primary placed first with 'For My Son', followed by Winfer Gardens with 'Where are You Going?' There was no third place winner.

Stella Maris gained the top position with 'Skool Chvien Dase Days', performed by Tonya Bowman in the 8-10 individual category. School of the Nations was second with its 'The Tourists are coming' by Alyoda Clark and St. Margaret's Primary followed with Mikhail Nauth reciting 'I Want Education'.

For the group category, St Margaret's copped the top position with 'We are Universal'. Second was St Gabriel's Primary 'Look for God' and North Georgetown Primary's 'The Man who walk sideways' took the third spot.

Sonnel David of St Agnes Primary was first in the 11-13 Dramatic Poetry segment with 'Ol' Higue', followed by Stella Maris Primary with 'Dis Society' performed by Shellon Benjamin, and Renge Turney of St Angela's Primary who recited 'Bus Ride'.

For the 11-13 group, Carmel Community High School placed first followed by West Ruimveldt Primary with its performance of 'Shape and Motion Three', and St Ambrose Primary came in third with 'Exile'.

In the 14-17 individual category, Carmel Community High School copped the top prize with Keiko Gurrieh's portrayal of 'By de sweat of meh brow', followed by Earla Rankin of South Ruimveldt Secondary who performed 'Once upon a time', and Felicia Khan of St Joseph's High who did 'Elsa's Version'.

South Ruimveldt Secondary placed first in the 14-17 group with its rendition of 'Can You', with Central High in second spot with its performance of 'No Lickle Twang', and Marian Academy in third spot with its 'Ode to Brother Joe'.

In the Calypso, Nursery contest, Albouystown Nursery placed first with Reamma Roopnauth's song 'Colours'. Kingston Nursery came in second with its rendition of 'Colourful and True; and South Road Nursery placed third with its song 'Boom Boom Boxes'.

In the 8-10 individual/group category, St Agnes walked away with the first prize, represented by Ikeresa Hamid who sang 'Prayer of a Child'. St Margaret's Primary was in second position with its rendition of 'Stand up and be counted', and Rama Krishna Primary, represented by Calvis Duke, was third with 'Colourful and True in 2002'.

In the 11-13 individual category, Eko Wilson of St Joseph's High placed first with his calypso 'Protect the Child', followed by Ronessa Hollingsworth of St Rose's High with her song 'Do Something for Teachers'; and St George's High with Ledasi Castello's rendition of 'Come Mash with Me'.

For the 14-17 individual/group section, Dolphin Secondary took the first prize with its song 'Teacher Exodus'. North Ruimveldt Secondary was second with the song 'Dey T'iefing we teachers', followed by Davina Rodney's 'We feelin de Pain'.

Travis Chase of South Ruimveldt Secondary secured the first position in the extempore contest and Gordon Hunte of Richard Ishmael placed second. There was no third place winner.