Play the tune, Mr. Minister Editorial
Guyana Chronicle
January 18, 2002

THE `boom boom' boxes have been booming too long on the mini-buses, Mr. Minister of Home Affairs and we are sure glad you have stepped in to put a stop to it.

You carry a lot of weight in your position, Mr. Minister, and you should make that weight felt in this battle.

You are sure to find a lot of fans rooting for you at ringside and even further away because many people want a stop to this din.

There have been attempts at pulling the plugs on those boxes several times before but the music just went on and on and the big boxes rattled even louder.

We hope that your stepping into the ring makes the difference and that the weight of the law would be finally brought to bear and that order would be brought to the culture of the mini-buses that operate on the public transportation system.

People who would be listening and watching would be like those East Bank Essequibo villagers who felt moved to begin a lobby for action against lawless mini-bus operators after the four young students died when a speeding mini-bus crashed a week ago.

Those villagers, like so many others, have identified speeding as the number one cause of deaths on the roads, but they also tagged loud music in mini-buses high on their list of concerns for immediate attention.

So the decision on the `boom boom ban' announced yesterday is in answer to a popular call and actions taken in the public interest are usually met with high acclaim.

So, play the tune, Mr. Minister and let your music fade the `boom boom' noise down memory lane as mini-bus passengers try to get accustomed to a new style of travelling.

And while you are at it, Mr. Minister, since this also falls under your Home Affairs portfolio, how about lending an ear to those residents in and around Georgetown crying out loud for an end to the music noise nuisance they are forced to endure almost daily?

We know you appreciate good music, like so many others, but are sure you too understand the kind of hell it is for those who are subjected to this form of noise nuisance from `entertainment centres'.

Here again, Mr. Minister, if you play your tune and play it good, you are sure to find a hugely appreciative audience in and around the city and up and down the coast and wherever else those other kinds of boom boom boxes have taken up residence.

It's still early in the new year and it's a good time to step out purposefully to deal with the speeding and stationary noise denizens.

So, let's hear you play your tune, Mr. Minister.

The Police band is bound to be firmly behind you.