Thakur reports significant achievement at UG Berbice Campus
Guyana Chronicle
January 3, 2002

UNIVERSITY of Guyana Berbice Campus has reported significant achievement one year after establishment.

It opened its doors on November 7, 2000 with three faculties, Arts and General Studies, Education and Social Sciences.

The Director, Dr Parasram Thakur said 135 students were enrolled in the first year, 37 males and 98 females. Women are currently 72.6 per cent of the student body.

He said approximately 50 per cent of those on roll are studying Social Sciences, 40 per cent Education and 10 per cent Arts and General Studies.

Thakur disclosed that 162 more persons registered for the second year programme and the total now in attendance is 297.

He said the two-storey building now under construction in the complex will accommodate 14 more classrooms and the addition would make a significant difference in the space available for lectures and offices, also providing better ventilation and ease overcrowding.

Thakur lauded the Berbice staff, saying they have done “extremely well in adapting to a new environment” and their “willingness to learn is overwhelming”.

He said, despite the many frustrations in the last year, the morale of scholars, too, remained high and they have become roving ambassadors, as well, also for the academic community.