News about expatriate Guyanese can be found in publications in the USA
Stabroek News
May 31, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing the letter from 'Ras Michael' in Tuesday's SN. In this office, which includes several Guyanese who daily risk an unauthorized visit to your website, it gave us all a good laugh.

We find your newpaper far from boring and it reports proportionately the many problems being faced, and the few successes being achieved, in Guyana today. No other publication to our knowledge presents such a balanced and up to the minute news source for expatriates. Of course there are some articles which we find boring, but others may find them stimulating and informative - and vice versa: hooray for diversity of taste and opinion.

Why should Ras Michael expect to find news about the Guyanese community in the USA in a national newspaper in South America? If he really wants such news there are many publications right there in the USA, some of them specifically for expatriate Guyanese.

Personally I would find it nauseating to read much about people who have left their homeland to fend for itself, are "doing very well" abroad and who make the occasional visit "back home" just to show off to poorer (and better) persons than themselves. And please, Mr Editor, try to resist the pix where (for example) a well-dressed and overfed Mrs Somebody-or-other of Brooklyn, USA, proudly presents a box of diagnostic stix (which cost all of US$6) to a grovellingly thankful official at some institution or other. We enjoy reading about Guyana and Guyanese, not self-publicizing "Bin-tos."

Perhaps Ras Michael should change to reading The Chronicle.

Yours faithfully,

Whon Jai