Flabbergasted by broadcasting committee's pronouncement
Stabroek News
May 19, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am flabbergasted by the statement made by the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting (ACB) re the airing of the now 'famous' Andrew Douglas tape. They have pronounced that they will not pronounce on any sanctions, etc. Good for them. All the rhetoric that accompanied their pronouncement made no sense to me, a layman.

A writer in the letter columns on May 18, made an interesting call for us, the members of the wider community, to realize the power we possess and can apply to television stations that border on public mischief and terror. The people most at risk in the present crime scenario are businessmen from a particular group in our population.

If it is recognized that television stations are sympathe-tic to any cause that may be perceived as fodder to fuel the obssession of hate against the PPP/C government, then shun those stations. Apply people's power! Boycott them. Remove advertisements and other services from them. Mohandas Gandhi caused economic hurt to the mighty British Empire by the boycott of buying their cloth and salt.

My foreparents came to this land many years ago and bequeathed it to me after investing their blood and sweat. I, as every Guyanese should accept, own this land. No one must make me feel in the least way an alien. I have no desire to migrate and be a parasite to others in any other country that was built by its people for their advancement.

I am not overly optimistic that any meaningful action will be taken against any of the television stations that committed such a dastardly act against this nation. I will have the satisfaction that I have made my own decision on these stations. You decide on your measures for satisfaction.

Yours faithfully,

Rudolph D. Mahadeo