Sentiments expressed in letter did imply a slur
Stabroek News
May 18, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Maybe in the current environment of heightened political tension, I could be excused for being overly sensitive. But was Mr Lutchman Gossai, in his letter in SN 16.5.02 titled ‘Restored my faith,’ implying that had it not been for Andaiye’s ‘Not in my name’ letter, he would have been left with the impression that the people on whose behalf Andrew Douglas by self-appointment claimed to speak are in agreement with the actions and sentiments of this fugitive?

Is Mr Gossai implying that because he has not seen a deluge of letters from the “malcontents” of the nation, that they quietly support and endorse criminal mayhem?

I hope it was unintentional, but a racial slur did come through in Mr Gossai’s seemingly heartfelt sentiments.

If all it takes are the words of one single wanted criminal to convince the Gossai’s of this world that “Guyanese are immoral by nature” and “the coastland is replete with reprobates,” then we are indeed doomed as a nation.

Yours faithfully,

Sherwood Lowe