We must support these honourable men
Stabroek News
May 15, 2002

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Dear Editor,

First let me congratulate the "five freedom fighters" in their quest to free their African brothers, it is after all an honourable fight against the vicious Indian brothers who work hard to build Guyana.

The five must be congratulated for depriving children of their parents and for laying waste to any notion of a united and peaceful Guyana. We must also congratulate the television stations who help the fighters to get their message out and we must show our support by continuing to buy the products that advertise on the stations and allow them to keep broadcasting the messages of the five freedom fighters so that many more may join in more pre- mothers day celebrations. We must also not fall for the propaganda, after all it is only coincidence that every time the opposition calls for increased pressure the spate of violent crimes against Indo-Guyanese escalates, it is only coincidence that only the television stations that support the opposition's point of view were hand-delivered taped statements from the five freedom fighters (maybe saints), it is only coincidence that the activities of the five can be traced to Buxton, it is only coincidence that residents of Buxton all know where the five are, after all, these are all coincidences and fabrications.

The five that the police seek are in fact all honourable men, just like those that support them, they are all honourable men.

Are they not? Only honourable men would take the time to hold public discussions on why they should not be called terrorists, regardless of the military fatigues and the imitation of bin Laden.

We are after all just mere Guyanese and me, I am just an idiot who cannot understand the complexities of politics in a post dialogue state or what are the undertones of a call for increased pressure from the opposition.

I also cannot understand why the opposition would attend the funeral of dead thieves (sorry freedom fighters) if in fact they do not also recognise them as honourable men.

So let's all join our voices and hands and show our support for these honourable men, let's tell them how much we love their actions and may the orphaned children all bestow unto them the blessings they so richly deserve.

Yours faithfully,

The Greatest Fool (name and address supplied)