Where are the community leaders?
Stabroek News
May 14, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Where are the community leaders while all hell seems to be breaking Guyana apart? What are they doing to influence the change in Guyana that now has to take place, for it get back to some semblance of development? What do they have to say in all of this?

I am particularly concerned that persons of the caliber of Mr. Norman McLean, Mr. David Granger, among other highly skilled professionals, have remained silent on the chaos that has embroiled their country. While they are in no way responsible, they should at least feel morally obligated to lend their voices, influences and hands to denouncing the current state of affairs, in whatever shape or fashion this may take.

Aside from all of the other ills afflicting Guyana, there is a dearth of quality leadership in key political, government, and public safety offices, that could in the least benefit from the wisdom of such professionals. I certainly do hope that their silence is not the result of a fear of being embroiled in the political fray. All that I ask, and I believe that the country deserves, is that they objectively impart their knowledge and impartially lend their leadership influences, to a situation that has assumed national significance, by threatening its very social, moral, political, and constitutional fabric. Salus populi suprema lex. The safety of the people is the highest law.--Cicero

Yours faithfully,

Merrill Hyman Sr.