Tape with criminal should not have been shown
Stabroek News
May 13, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I was very disturbed by the image of the criminal on the TV stations saying that he is innocent and fighting for justice. That word might be mistaken for doing robberies, killing that prison officer, assaulting innocent Guyanese and wanting no one to stop him.

Maybe criminals are watching Osama bin Laden too much, well at least Osama was saying what he felt unlike that escapee who was clearly reading off some paper in the background (his eyes kept moving from side to side as he spoke what had been written for him).

What was more disturbing was the fact that VCT aired that tape saying that that does not mean they condone what the criminal had done. Well if they did not, why did they show it and then make a ridiculous statement saying that justice delayed is justice denied.

They should have found out what were the charges against the man and the evidence before they made such a statement and immediately handed it over to the police and not shown it.

The same comments apply to Channel 7.

Yours faithfully,

S. Richards