The cycle of hate must be broken
Stabroek News
May 10, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter by Mr Desmond Hoyte captioned "PNC has not used or tolerated criminal elements ion its protests' (8.5.2002) in which he is upset at criticisms of his party in the Stabroek News. The PNC was the first party to utilise the media to rewrite history, to muzzle press freedom, to intimidate, and to misinform. I can still remember the article that Rickey Singh wrote in the Guyana Graphic in the early seventies about the upcoming general elections. The article's main focus was the integrity of the electoral process. He concluded the article by saying: you don't need to see with a candle at night things you can see in broad daylight. I guess he was saying that the PNC will rig the elections. He was eventually declared persona non grata, and forced to leave Guyana.

It appears that the shoe is on the other foot, and you don't seem to like it. You should take solace in the realization that you and yours were good teachers. I think though, that the Daily Chronicle may be more worthy of your admonitions than the Stabroek News, although I have had my letters severely edited when I was too openly critical of the PPP government.

Mr. Hoyte did quite a bit of good as President but to many Guyanese he is now perceived as doing a lot of harm to the country. I know that many of his supporters are finding life difficult, and that it appears that at least one section of the population is insensitive to this suffering. Part of this insensitivity is as a result of the anger felt at what many people feel was the marginalization and humiliation inflicted on non- supporters of the PNC during the PNC's years in power. Now, his supporters are feeling the same way.

The cycle of hate has to be broken, or we will find ourselves in the same mess that the Palestinians and Israelis find themselves. Let us stop seeing Guyanese in terms of colour, and instead practice what the Koran advocates: No man truly believes (in God) until he wants for his neighbour what he wants for himself.

Yours faithfully,

Sultan Sattar