Stabroek News ignored Indian Arrival Day
Stabroek News
May 8, 2002

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Dear Editor,

People can't help noticing that Stabroek News is standing out like a sore thumb because of their complete lack of coverage of any of the many events that took place to commemorate Indian Immi-gration Day.

In British Guiana/Guyana History this is indeed one of our most significant and important days because of the very important contributions in all areas made by our Indian brothers and sisters.

Economically, culturally, developmentally, their contributions are second to none. and all of us in one way or another have benefited from these.

It is therefore very strange to say the least that a national newspaper would choose to completely ignore the many events in commemorating Indian Arrival Day. Many people will come to the conclusion and probably have already done so that it is a clear case of racial prejudice that Stabroek News has decided to ignore this event.

This further indicates their lack of sympathy for the many Indians who were beaten, robbed, molested and traumatized by PNC terrorist thugs after the 1992, 1997 and 2001 elections encouraged by certain sections of the PNC and after 2001 the PNC/ Reform and several talk show hosts who speak for them.

This is a serious sin not only of commission but of omission by Stabroek News and can only represent a policy decision by their Editorial Board and Board of Directors.

Citizens of whatever race, religion or political persuasion may well want to consider whether they will continue to support this newspaper in one way or another.

Yours faithfully,

Aaliyah Hooper

Editor's note:

On Friday we had scheduled coverage of the observances organised by the Indian Commemoration Trust at the monument site. Unfortunately, a major attack by bandits occurred around the same time and all of the available reporters and the photographers were assigned to this in view of the serious nature of the crime.

On Saturday a front page photograph had been scheduled of the event held at the monument site but this was also overtaken by the serious shoot-out in Prashad Nagar. Nonetheless, there was a photograph on one of the inner pages. The event on Sunday at Joe Vieira Park was covered photographically and a photo from that event and another from the Saturday event were carried in yesterday's edition. This Sunday's newspaper will carry Style photos from the Saturday event at the monument site which was attended by a journalist and photographer from Sunday Stabroek. Last Sunday's edition also carried several messages marking Indian Immigration Day and a Style spread. We would have liked to have more coverage of the events but the alarming crime attacks made it difficult. In previous years we have covered these events and supplemented them with our own features and other pieces on Indian immigration. It is therefore outrageous and mischievous that Ms Hooper is so ready to conclude after two days of seeing limited coverage that Stabroek News had decided to ignore this event and had taken a policy decision on an issue like this. Her accusation that Stabroek News had no sympathy for Indians who were beaten during the protests is unworthy of comment.