Royal Canadian Mounted Police can help
Stabroek News
May 8, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Seems like a recurring decimal ... the bandits made good their escape. The police have got to do better and in doing so they have to plan better and adopt a more scientific and practical approach. As well, not only is there Scotland Yard, but also the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP], a trim well organized team capable of dealing with any situation. The Guyana Government should right now start making approaches to the Canadian Embassy for help from the RCMP.

Now looking at the fiasco in Prashad Nagar: they received information of the potential presence of the 'bandits' in the area. Rather than rushing headlong without any preplan, they should have:

1. set up a command post to monitor the operation;

2. used a map of the area to cover potential escape points;

3. deployed forces around the area;

4. finally moved in without much fuss and fury but quietly and methodically.

The call might have been a ruse, but the manner of its execution would gain the respect of all (even that of the bandits), and eventually success would result. The style of barging in with lots of terrorising tactics accompanied by crude and rough behaviour is not a display of professionalism but rather that of poor mentality and brute force. To be professional, one has to act professionally. That approach would gain tremendous respect, and note this, respect would engender cooperation.

I mentioned the RCMP above. They are like most police forces where some elements of the public are concerned, but the professional manner in which they approach their job gains the respect of the public, and is also accompanied with great cooperation from the public. Even though armed, they do not use their guns willy- nilly, and invariably get their man. ....alive! Their help has been sought after by other countries, and has been given in many cases. Guyana should ask for their help so as to bring back some respect to the Guyana Police Force and of course help them to be more professional in their jobs.

Yours faithfully,

Carl Veecock