Someone who has presence
Stabroek News
May 6, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter dated 4.29.2002 by Mr Lorri Alexander captioned "The Pageant was badly organised and poorly displayed. (29.4.2002).

Miss Mpule Kwelagobe, Ms Universe 1999 said that Ms Mia Rahaman, Miss Guyana/Universe 2002 is someone who has got "presence" and when she appeared the others just disappeared. As a past winner, don't you think that she knows what she is talking about?

After making a major contribution in causing distress how can Mr Alexander say that he agonised for her family? Did he even try to imagine himself in the situation of Mia's parents?

Is Mr Alexander suggesting that his pageants are without flaws? I remind him that not so long ago a past winner of one of his pageants, Miss Shaunna Jemmott, accused him of not fulfilling his end of the bargain in having her receive her trip as one of the prizes.

Yours faithfully,

(name and address supplied)