Hindus should not organise beauty pageants
Stabroek News
May 4, 2002

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Dear Editor,

In Sanatan Dharma,to honour and protect women is one of our main duties. It is therefore very horrifying to see the increasing number of beauty pageants being organised by Hindus in Guyana.

The Maha Sahba started the first sari pageant that has degenerated to the fiasco it is today. Most shocking of all is when this Kali Mai priest also got involved and is now holding a pageant.He worships the Divine Mother yet he has no such respect for her human representations. He holds a show where he has girls parading in front of the general public making them sense objects.

The latest disgrace now is the Committee on the West Coast who are now going to have a Ruanee pageant. Can these people explain which part of our culture encourages us to have our females parading in front of the general public so that they can be judged?

Our culture and religion teach us to honor and most of all protect our females not exploit them.

Yours faithfully,

Dya Singh