Don't disband Target Special Squad
Stabroek News
May 2, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The government must adamantly refuse to consider the dismantling of the Target Special Squad popularly known as the "Black Clothes Police" and ignore any form of protest organised by the PNC/R and/or any section of our society calling for legal action to be taken against members of the squad.

On the contrary this particular division of the police force must be strengthened by increasing the number of members by drawing from the most outstanding police and army personnel to create an elite crime fighting division.

Their renumeration should be way above average with outstanding benefits and these men and women must receive overseas training in crime fighting techniques.

This elite force must be equipped with the best automatic weapons able to penetrate any bulletproof vests along with well maintained mobile units including an ATV (all terrain vehicle) and a helicopter for aerial surveying.

This elite task force must be respected by the citizens of our society and feared by the criminal element. If such a force exists we, the law abiding folks of Guyana, will be able to enjoy living without fear from the terrorist organisation presently rampant among us.

Yours faithfully,

P. Khan

Editor's note:

Most people accept the need for a special unit to deal with dangerous criminals. What they do not accept, however, is the right of such a unit to execute criminals who have been apprehended in cold blood. They are certainly entitled to defend themselves properly and to shoot when threatened but if someone is caught and poses no threat he cannot be shot. That is murder.