I rest my case on the issues I have raised
Stabroek News
April 30, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am sorely tempted to engage Mr. Royston King the public relations consultant to the police force in a debate on the whole issue of crime in Guyana but prefer to defer to better judgment. I can find no productive time to play tit for tat on issues that fade quickly into the grand scheme of things. I will however rest my case on the credible issues that I have for more than one year now, shared my knowledge and experience with the Guyanese readers.

Long before the present fiasco, I sought to stimulate interest in the formulation of a comprehensive national strategy to prevent and combat crime. In fact, it was an assessment compiled by Brigadier (Ret) D A Granger some time back, on a National Defense Strategy, that had stimulated my interest. I have since observed the obvious trends from my unique perspective as a social commentator, free from the shackles that restrict so many security professionals in Guyana; embroiled in the daily grind of trying to spin straw into gold.

The events that have taken place and the ones yet to unfold, are but smaller parts of the larger domino effect, and the sad thing is that those in influential positions are yet to realize this. And if by now they haven't got it, maybe they never will. But like so many things in this life, you have to hit rock bottom before bouncing back. I sincerely hope that Guyanese can learn to hold their breath for a good while because it could get worse than it already is. The alternative is to decide that this state of affairs is the bottom and start doing the positive things necessary to raise the standard, by which all Guyanese can exist comfortably.

Yours faithfully,

Merrill Hyman Sr.