The duties of a Public Relations Officer
Stabroek News
April 30, 2002

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Dear Editor,

A profession is defined as a vocation or occupation requiring advanced training in the sciences or liberal arts, and usually involves mental rather than manual work. Be that as it may, a Public Relations (PR) person or public relations officer as it is sometimes termed is supposed to be a professional.

The PR officer has the responsibility of planning and conducting public relations programmes designed to create and maintain a favourable public image for his employer or client; is also responsible for planning and developing the communication of information designed to keep the public informed of the employer's programmes, accomplishments, or points of view; arranges for PR efforts in order to meet needs, objectives, and policies of individual, special interest groups, business concerns, non-profit organisations, or governmental agencies, prepares and distributes fact sheets, news releases, photographs, scripts or tape recordings to media representatives or other persons who may be interested in learning about or publishing employers activities or messages.

The `PR' person arranges for and conducts public-contact programmes designed to meet the employer's objectives, utilising knowledge of changing attitudes and opinions of consumers, clients, employers, or other interest groups. Promotes goodwill through publicity efforts as speeches, exhibits, and question/answers sessions. Represents employer during community projects and at public social and business gatherings; should be a specialist in contacting media representatives, or representing employers directly before the general public.

Since the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has retained the services of the experienced Mr Royston King as the force's P.R consultant, it is my suggestion that Asst. Supt. Ramnarine be given the opportunity to get the necessary PR professional training.

Yours faithfully,

Bertwald Bradshaw