Carl Greenidge could be the successor
Stabroek News
April 29, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The time is now for the PNC/Reform to sit down again and talk with President Jagdeo and his PPP/Civic administration, so the country could continue with its development.
Walking out of parliament, stopping the dialogue, returning to street protests, criticism of the black clothes police and bigging up criminals are all negative contributions.
Mr Hoyte and his Reform must get serious and let the country progress. But apart from this the PNC/R must put its house in order, for they will continue to be in opposition if the majority of their supporters are not satisfied.
The PNC/Reform must forget the position of looking for a replacement now for Mr Hoyte, for most of the names being mentioned are not really for the position.
Mr Corbin has the wrong image, Mr Raphael Trotman and Mr Vincent Alexander although with good leadership qualities are not ready yet. If a new leader is a must, Mr Carl Greenidge should be the successor.
But the PNC/R must re-organise the party groups, including the youth and women arms, the New Nation must be upgraded and widely circulated.
Let us get serious PNC/Reform leaders and do not be negative.

Yours faithfully,
Alan Jones