Police must improve their relationship with the public
Stabroek News
April 28, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Most police officers, male and female are I feel hard-working and honest workers who are dedicated to their jobs and careers and to serving and protecting all members of the community.

However, it cannot, I think, be denied that there are some who fall below these ideals to the detriment of the image of the force and their attitudes and actions give the force and all the rest of their colleagues a bad name.

We have read in the media over the years of several officers being disciplined, some being put before the Courts and others dismissed. There can be no doubt that discipline has been generally tightened in the Force and standards have kept rising.

Some of the problems which the police are facing are no doubt due to the very hostile attacks that have and are being made upon them by the opposition political party and others, as a result of which they are very much in the spotlight.

They can however turn this to their advantage by allowing the media attention to support their drive for self-improvement and improvements in their efficiency and standards, and where necessary replace those who are not upholding these improvements.

The Police should strengthen their relationship with all the communities in which they are established and serve because their effectiveness in discouraging and preventing crime would improve as well as their ability to encourage observance of all laws including those relating to traffic.

They have to set good examples in the communities in which they are placed and the management of all Police Stations and Outposts must observe and maintain discipline and high standards which must be identical in all locations.

Part of their attitude must be to see that justice and fairplay are the norms of their conduct and courtesy is observed in their normal dealings with members of the public.

In cases of crimes being committed by armed criminals they must use the necessary force to subdue and apprehend them only shooting to wound or kill where this cannot be avoided and in defense of their own life or limb or of members of the public.

All Police Stations and Outposts must keep adequate and appropriate reports and records of their activities in connection with their policing duties. Law abiding citizens should give all support and encouragement to Police officers in the execution of their lawful duties.

Yours faithfully

John Da Silva