New police commissioner could be the light at the end of the tunnel
Stabroek News
April 27, 2002

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Dear Editor,

The Guyana Police Force is in the midst of an institutional crisis. It has internal problems related to focus, identity, accountability, cohesion and succession. It also has problems relating to its image in the eyes of the Guyanese public, the acceptability to them of its operational modus, as well as its inability to re-establish a relationship of mutual respect with the civil sectors of society.

The decision to identity a respected serving officer as the commissioner designate is a major initiative. In fact, it may be described without fear of exaggeration as being one of the most positive strategic moves which has been announced in relation to this institution in a long, long while.

No doubt, most of the stakeholders in the society have been breathing easier since that announcement has been made. Hopefully it presages the advent of the light at the end of the long tunnel of dubious fortune through which the force has been passing.

The vision of this otherwise quite happy augury was somewhat dimmed by the unctuous and commiserating sentiments of which the British High Commissioner saw it fit to relieve himself on the subject of the announcement.

Guyana, regardless of the exaggerated posture of dependency which our current government loves to project, is an independent state. We do not presume to sanction the acceptability or otherwise of proposed appointees in the hierarchies of the various constabularies which exist in Britain. We dare not be that presumptuous. Why should the British proconsul here therefore presume to comment upon ours?

We desire the better functioning of our institutions, and must therefore be grateful for the technical and human resource training assistance which we receive from other countries. Good taste would require, however, that those who give such aid respect the need to be discreet and to behave in ways which will not give rise to impressions of their being meddling.

Yours faithfully,

CRB Edwards