The appointment of Winston Felix is most welcome
Stabroek News
April 27, 2002

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Dear Editor,

I am extremely pleased to support the appointment of Mr. Winston Felix as the next Commissioner of Police for Guyana. It would have been more appropriate though to have waited until next year when the present commissioner's term of duty expired, this time delay is an embarrassment to both gentlemen.

It was also good to note the important contribution of Mr. Edward Glover the British High Commissioner. He is a man of great insight and action.

Through his involvement we are having Scotland Yard officers coming to further assist us, Oh! How we need much assistance.

The next step to be taken and one that I advocated more than two years ago on television, is to invite two hundred policemen from the United Kingdom and Caricom region to take up duties in Guyana and in exchange send two hundred of our policemen out to the same countries for experience etc.

I am sure we will benefit as a nation from the reduction in the crime rate, this exercise should be for one-year duration.

Also while we are about it, how about having twenty judges along the same lines, the exception being our judges to stay at home. Just think about it, our overworked and underpaid judges being relieved of the pressure of work. No more cases piling up and matters being put off to be heard at a later date for one reason or another. Life could become more bearable. How nice, how exciting, let's try it let's give peace and love a chance.

I can dream. Can't I?

Yours faithfully,

Ovid Holder