The insults were already cast
Stabroek News
April 26, 2002

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Dear Editor,

A child was known to regularly commit misdemeanours for which his father would administer the necessary punishment. The child decided to turn things around. He told his father he will do only good things. While he was committing wrongs his father stuck pins into a piece of paper for each wrong committed. For every good thing done after that his father told him to pull out one pin. Eventually the paper was free of all the pins and the child ran with excitement to show his father the plain paper.

His father asked him to note what was left on the paper. The child admitted that the holes made by the pins were visible.

When TV host Lorri Alexander encouraged, without any admonition, the vile and spiteful remarks about Guyana's delegate to an international event, he was that child. For Channel 9 to publish a belated and weak response to the outcries of decent-minded citizens about such "programming", can be likened to the paper after the pins were removed.

The deed had been done. The hate was already generated and insults were already cast. I am sickened by the obsession with condemnation of anything alien to a particular group of my Guyanese brothers and sisters.

Yours faithfully,

Rudolph D. Mahadeo