Channel 9 did broadcast another programme with different views on the pageant
Stabroek News
April 25, 2002

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Dear Editor,

We refer to Mr. Kit Nascimento's letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] captioned "This programme was not in keeping with the new Wireless and Telegraphy Regulations" (April 20, 2002) in which he criticized Channel 9 for not broadcasting a different view or perspective or information to those expressed and encouraged by Mr Alexander on his broadcast relative to the Miss Guyana Pageant on Thursday 16th and Wednesday 17th April 2002.

We would like to draw Mr Nascimento's attention to the broadcast titled "Girl Talk" which was produced on the said Channel 9 on April 18, 2002 relating to the said Pageant.

On that broadcast Ms Mia Rahaman was a specially honoured guest who was warmly greeted by everyone she encountered at Channel 9 and was congratulated and her victory supported by Mrs Woolford and Mrs Macadam - Host of "Girl Talk" and viewers calling in on that show. This was broadcast, and expressed a diametrically opposite opinion to that expressed on Mr Alexander's programme.

We assume that Mr Nascimento's knowledge of what broadcasts took place on Channel 9 relative to the Pageant was limited only to Mr Alexander's programme. Had he also seen the "Girl Talk" broadcast, it is clear to us that as a Judge in the said pageant, he would not ever have needed to use the judicious dexterity he used in the Pageant to fairly conclude that Channel 9 did broadcast a different view or perspective or information to those expressed by Mr Alexander.

However, if he did see the programme "Girl Talk" prior to his Stabroek News article and still insists that Channel 9 did not broadcast any programme offering a different opinion, then we seriously question the fairness of his judgement in other matters.

Yours faithfully,

D.E. Blackman

For the Management

Channel 9