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April 24, 2002

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Dear Editor,

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I support the statement issued by Mr Edward Glover, the British High Commissioner on the appointment of Mr Winston Felix, as the next Commissioner of Police. From my long association with the police force in and out of the courts at the criminal bar I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr Felix is most knowledgeable, competent and above all a loyal and dedicated Guyanese suitable to head the forces of law and order. Guyana seems to be falling apart. As we learn of the daily killings by suicide bombers and daily shootings in the Middle East between the Arabs and the Jews, regrettably we experience daily gun fire between our citizens and members of the police force.

The criminal justice system needs men like Winston Felix and all Guyana should feel a deep sense of gratitude and comfort in his appointment. I am glad to know that officials from the world renowned Scotland Yard are soon to be with us in our fight against certain elements in our society who are bent on disturbing law and order. Again we must thank the British High Commissioner for spearheading this.

From my experiences in the criminal courts and my limited experience in the politics of this country before Independence and after Independence, Guyana is a peaceful country and its people are most law abiding. For the good of us all, our children and their children let us join together to build this dear land of ours.

Yours faithfully,

Neville James Bissember