Can we stop the incessant heckling between the two main parties?
Stabroek News
April 22, 2002

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Dear Editor,

Every day we open the papers or listen to the news we go to the great fight between the PNC/R and the PPP/C, who did this and who didn't do this. We tend to forget the endurance that will sustain the forward thrust of the Guyanese people and the nation's motto - One People, One Nation, One Destiny. Remember divided we fall and that's what we are doing. It's amazing how we do not portray our racial overtones when we shop together. An African goes into an Indian store and is treated with utmost respect (and vice versa) because of the dollar exchange that is done, why can't we do this as a nation.

It is quite disheartening for our young President whom I still have the utmost faith in, not to be able to conduct the duties of Presidency for his country. Mr. President, you need to be strong and recognise the fact that not being able to govern your party fully is one of your great hindrances. Stop being ruled by others and focus on rebuilding our nation. Don't criticise the other parties but focus on correcting the wrong that was done, remember Bill Clinton stood strong when his battering came and you are intelligent enough to do the same, just look for strategies to combat this.

We need to start sending our policemen on overseas training or have exchange programmes with policemen from different countries to help us implement measures to combat crime. We do not need a vibrant new Commissioner as one writer suggested but one who is allowed to act without restraints, likewise we need this of our President, he can do it.

Can we stop the racism and the heckling between the two major parties and races and concentrate on the endurance that will sustain the forward thrust of the Guyanese people. Let's restore the dignity we once had, remember we were once the best of the Caribbean, now we are nothing compared to them, we are a laughing stock, because we are divided.

Let's write in the papers of measures that we can implement to bring Guyana to what it once was. There are brilliant non-governmental Guyanese out there with brilliant ideas. Remove the silly programmes that promote lawlessness and racism and have call in programmes on problems that we need answers to.

Mr. President it's all in your hands, clean out the closet and be the intelligent person that you are.

Yours faithfully,

Marilyn Alert David